What You Get With


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    Over 300 NCLEX Questions with 194 Video Rationales

    Full-length Video rationales included with fun & exciting demos and super simple mnemonics from Mike himself explaining why the right answers are right & how to break down the questions.

    Quick demonstrations of how to answer each question correctly for maximum results, retention & MORE accuracy

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    Personal Student Advice

    In these entertaining (but information packed) videos, I coach you to achieve success and I share my best advice to get in the Passing Score. I give you the techniques and strategies that worked best for me to transform my best students, and which have gotten great results for many of my students across the nation as well. I also teach you about the "mental" side of the NCLEX - how to ensure you stay motivated, consistent with your studying and learning, and focused on your goals for the day.

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    Entertaining, Action-Packed, Easy-to-watch Videos

    No boring old crusty nursing lectures to slog through – just push the play button anytime you want to learn the rationales after each unique NCLEX style test question.

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    Printable 4-6-8 Guidance Calandar

    I’ve Included a simple & convenient study calendar to easily post up at your desk or study area. Super simple day by day break down that shows you each daily goal whether you’re taking the test in 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks. Just click print & Boom your planning is done.

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    Immediate Access after self-registration

    Immediate access to all of your NCLEX style questions & video rationales through the official NCLEX75 member site. You wont have to wait for anything to be shipped or pay extra for shipping because its 100% online.

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    90 Days Access

    You get 90 days access to NCLEX 75 when you claim your spot today.