Ok, I'm Ready To Claim My Spot!

But How Much Will It Cost Me?

I have helped many members of simple nursing with their NCLEX exam and realized that they have spent up to $171.67/ month for private tutoring and then additional 39.95 to have access to my videos per month. You can see the breakdown below.

Average student has spent 2-3 months to prepare for the NCLEX which will set the price of $634.86 for a member who prepared for 3 months.
($119.85 for Video vault plus $515.01 private tutoring for 3 months)


I have not forgotten how it felt to be a student and being broke. I can remember exactly how it felt to be a student searching for material to help me succeed, while being on a tight budget. It really sucked and I don’t want anyone going through that.

Now that I know that many students have been successful with my help. I wanted to bring back something to my fellow nursing friends by lowering the cost so everyone can afford to join and Pass their board exam.

So for $249 you get full access to our quizzes, study plan and video rationales plus all the extra bonuses. Our customers agree that $249 is a great value guaranteeing to pass the board exam considering that it would cost them around $350 to retake the NCLEX.

So now you can get our full
review program starting at

(Limited to 50 Spots every 90 days).